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Running Xilinx ISE 14.7 in Docker

In an earlier post, I wanted to get Xilinx ISE 14.7 to run on an up-to-date Ubuntu 22.04 LTS which failed miserably.

So, instead I chose the container route using Docker. This seems to work quite well, so I’d like to share it with anyone interested.

I’ve packed a working setup in a Gitlab repository.

ISE 14.7 running in a Docker container (guest: Ubuntu 14.04, host: Ubuntu 22.04)

This is still work-in-progress, as I have not tackled the license, yet.

Update 2022-07-15: I’ve added gcc to the installed packages to allow ISim to actually do something useful. The issue with Firefox (opening online documentation) seems to stem from the fact that Firefox is built against glibc++ 3.4.9-11, but ISE ships a libstdc++6 file which provides only up to 3.4.8. When sourcing the script, the libraries are messed with and only the shipped libstdc++6 is available.